“I have a dream… for our people to step into their greatness – collectively, you know.”

– Nipsey Hussle

I have a vision of people celebrating themselves, creating healthy relationships, healing, exploring their identity and being happy – like truly, genuinely, for real for real happy. Even within oppressive systems, I do believe there is a way to discover the divinity within, and alter, elevate and free the mind.

Too many people are experiencing (unnecessary) hurt – and I think challenges are absolutely essential to the growth process, but too often, we don’t have the resources and/or have lost the knowledge to tend to the (generational) soul-emotional wounds that come from this hurt. A huge part of what I have learned brings me fulfillment, is to share the wisdom that helps bring me to a place of peace, and to see others find their peace and thrive.

My mission is to NEVER give up on myself, to ALWAYS continue learning and evolving, and to love FULLY and unconditionally. I want us to recognize and understand our humanity, and connectedness to the infinite magick of the universe; to harness our energy for the collective good and empower one another to dream and achieve – creatively, spiritually, and just overall in life.

May you find joy, affirmation, knowledge, sincerity, and vulnerability between my words.