“Strength of a Woman”

“Strength of a Woman”

I want to feed you my nectar;

Feel your tongue tilling my body’s seed.

Satiating your thirst. Let it side down your throat

and fill you with the fruits of this


He will never experience hunger; for my roots

dig deep into the blood-drenched soils,

Fertilized by the souls

of forgotten lives. And my trunk stands wide –

Making space in places once occupied for anyone

but the likes of mine. I bear the lashes of Grandmother

Willow, innately wise. The skies

water me, but I ask to tend the weeds surrounding; for, my low

 fruits are always just ripe enough for you.

Tongues swap bitter, sweet flavors of lust,

as I surrender

to the thrust of your storms. Brazen breezes carelessly make music

amongst the leaves; the pieces that

fall, piled at my feet.


She still feeds.


-The Intimate Truth-

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