Refocus, An Affirmation

Refocus, An Affirmation

Sometimes I just gotta remember who the f*ck I AM. ✨

Thoughts going into this morning’s meditation: 
Refocus. You have a life you are creating. Not everyone can come along for the journey, but be grateful for those who can SEE you and support and uplift you – they are treasures. Trust yourself – your power, your intuition, your beautiful soul is undeniable. Your purpose and path is clear. Let go of what does not serve you, ESPECIALLY your fears. Your light is too bright to dim but do not attempt to hide it. There is never a “right” time to be ready. You have been ready since you stepped foot on this Earth; that’s why you persist with the fierceness and grace that you do. Commit to YOUr own happiness and well-being. Your destiny is already written; strengthen your courage to experience the freedom you desire. Pick up the lessons with graciousness; they are meant to prepare you to handle all the greatness coming your way. Don’t wait for others to “get it,” You know where you’re going… Take one last look back, smile, and keep on keepin on!


-The Intimate Truth-

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