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Soul Or Systems Studios

Soul or System Studios is a multi-media productions agency, based in Atlanta. The team addresses every aspect of production with quality creativity. Services include: video production, photography, post production, brand development, and more! Find them online and on Instagram:

Revelutionary Artitude

Shop paintings, photography and jewelry at

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Artist, Rosalie Rodriguez, pushes the limits of the acrylic medium by adding texture and bold color combinations to her unique perspective. She views her fluid art as 1 part science, 2 parts art and 3 parts magick. Her photography captures light in motion through a global palette, and her gemstone jewelry is made with careful attention to the healing energies from natural gemstones and the sacred patterns in her metalwork. Rosalie’s art is informed by her passion for justice and human connection. She wants her art to simultaneously create wonderment and always remain accessible. She believes that, “The magic comes from within. Your vision, your feelings, your soul has to show up on the canvas for it to be worth anything to anyone.”