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I am currently based in Pittsburgh as I attain my Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, and work towards licensure as a professional clinical counselor. I had never imagined myself studying Health Sciences, but I absolutely love it. This career change feels more aligned with my purpose and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Prior to my current endeavors I earned a BA in Creative Writing and Communication Arts; and post-grad, I worked in PR/Marketing for an experiential marketing boutique firm and a network of charter schools in Los Angeles, before transitioning to higher ed. I have 4+ years of experience as a Student Affairs professional – having served students as an Assistant Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and manager of a mentoring program for (predominantly) first-generation college students, and now, a Student Success Coach. I’ve also been trained in Intergroup Dialogue. Check out my LinkedIn here.

Additionally, in Fall 2019 I will begin training with YogaRoots on Location to become a certified yoga instructor, practicing and facilitating Raja Yoga. The framework for this specific training is 25% anti-racism and social justice work, 25% physical yoga practice and 50% Raja Yoga practice.

Check out my “Connect” page for more information about my available workshops.

“I am an empowered woman with vision and grace. Soft-hearted but strong, self-aware and sure. Respected for my mind, admired for my heart and above all, always honest, open and raw.” -the Blackline


I am a holistic healer and have found therapy/counseling to be one of my favorite ways to engage with, love and help others. Building a mutually trusting and respectful relationship of authenticity is essential to my process, and it brings me immense joy to watch and support others’ glow-up.

The foundation of my therapy style was formed through my own personal journey of self-healing, in which Kemetic Spirituality plays the greatest role in my integrative process. (Read more about this ancient philosophy here and here). I have a strong interest in liberation psychology, positive psych, critical consciousness, bruja feminism/womanist theory, ecopsychology, metaphysical healing, and existential therapy as aids to personal and communal growth, healing, and self-actualization. I believe in the power of mentoring and accountability; therefore, I tend to have a compassionate/authoritative and client-centered approach to my relationship with individuals. I greatly value collaboration and transformational leadership, perceiving myself as a supportive guide and role model in a client’s evolutionary and revolutionary journey of self-empowerment.

My focus is on attuning to, comprehending, and adjusting each individual’s natural, energetic mind-body-soul (Cognitive-Behavioral/Physical-Spiritual) connection. Additionally, I favor mindfulness-based and solution-focused techniques, and routinely incorporate crystal-healing, essential oils, chakra work, tarot readings, and nutrition into my practice. The most common types of psychological distresses and emotions I have experience with include: {complex} (P)TSD, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger, abandonment/attachment, grief, and dissociation.


During some self-reflection, I became curious to see how people close to me would describe me. Their responses were: unique, beautiful (soul), rare, unapologetically melanated (Black), sensual, spiritual, resilient, hungry for knowledge, heart-seer, adventurous, risk-taker, eloquent, intuitive, bold, conscious, poised, funny, and creative. (Y’all are too kind!) I just live my life the best way I know how – for example, I don’t typically characterize myself as a “risk-taker,” but I know that I am willing to live fearlessly and I push myself to have fulfilling experiences and be open to the unknown.

I’d like to add passionate, free-spirit, complex, intentional, genuine, observant, imperfect, a slight perfectionist, and nurturing. I am a Libra and INFJ (Myers-Briggs) personality. I love art and find the beauty of it in everything from paintings, dancing, movies, literature and music, to sex, design (fashion, architecture, interior) and cooking.

I was born and raised in West Los Angeles, CA and am a lover of the beach/water and warm weather. I enjoy traveling and experiencing/understanding different cultures. I’m a sister, constantly evolving, and kinda weird. (#StayWeird). I like dogs, tea, documentaries and thrillers, red wine, dark chocolate, mystery books, flowers, realness, my alone time, dresses, and calm vibes. A few of my inspirations and influences are: Ermias Asghedom, Toni Morrison, Rihanna, Audre Lorde, Nola Darling, Josephine Baker, Dita von Teese, and Mildred D. Taylor.

I lead my life by the principles of Ma’at, which are: truth, justice, righteousness, harmony, order, balance, and reciprocity. At the end of the day, I’m just a dope, old soul having a human experience and trying to uncover and walk in my divine essence…


I am rediscovering and uplifting my voice, as a writer. When I don’t write, it has always been something that just nags at my soul. For various reasons, I have quieted these urges off and on throughout the years; but now, fully committing to my Self means committing to my passion of creatively storytelling.

When I was younger, some people thought I was (selectively) mute because I was so quiet. I really enjoy silence and observing. Sometimes, when I open my mouth, everything just kind of fumbles out of it because I’ve been in my head for so long. Writing has always been something natural for me, that helps me organize and express my thoughts. As a child, I remember getting lost in the passing hours, writing away – poems, short stories, screenplays, lyrics, journaling. Sometimes, I’d type out 50+ pages in a day, just letting the storyline play itself out. I enjoy writing creative non-fiction, social commentary, and erotic literature. Presently, I just want to nurture my inner child, whom still yearns to be heard through this medium.

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” -Audre Lorde

When I commit to writing, I don’t have to think; it just flows automatically from somewhere deep inside me. I can trust that I know the words that can capture what I need to say. The power I have felt when I allow myself to “speak” has sometimes scared me, but I am releasing those fears and stepping into this vulnerable space.

It is important for me to be the author of my story; to creatively explore and express, from MY PERSPECTIVE, the values and experiences that have shaped my existence – as an individual and a Black woman – on this Earth, in this society, during this time.

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