Mindful Intake: “Morning Tea”

Mindful Intake: “Morning Tea”

Each morning I wake before the sun rises. It’s still…

There’s something magickal about witnessing its glow cascade over the wildness of the night, the colors that sometimes tango through my blinds. It’s one of the few moments my mind is at rest, my anxieties fairly nonexistent – The peace of a calm. Yesterday feels like a distant memory, tucked away on the last page of an old diary. If I’m attached to anything right now, it’s this gentle tide of reviving light…


✨ I am capable. I am whole. I am ready. ✨

I can’t leave home in the morning without 1-2 cups of tea. My favorite is ginger tea. I’ll sometimes use the ginger water to steep a White Tea. Always add lemon and honey! A few things ginger is good for are: digestion, inflammation, immune system, decongestion, weight loss. White Tea benefits include: clear skin, high in antioxidants, lower blood pressure, and oral care. Also, for womb healing, ginger is a powerful aid in clearing the body of toxins. Drink up! 


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